About me

Hello, I am Marco Thomas, a software developer from Germany and I'm currently proceeding my Master's degree in IT-Security in the lovely city Munich, Germany. In my spare time I hack together some code, build keyboards or learn some new things.

What i'm doing

  • Programming

    My favourite languages are Rust, C and Python! Most of my time is spent programming random things, but I'm geared towards systems programming.

  • IT Security

    I'm reaaaally obsessed with studying and understandig how to secure modern computer systems.

  • Selfhosting

    After learning the basics in server administration, I started to host most of the services I use myself. Protect your data!

  • Keyboards

    I love to design and build my own keyboards for both programming and gaming. Check out the keyboards tab!

  • 日本語

    2019年から日本語を勉強している。 勉強が終わるまでの目的はN3です!

  • Tea

    Brewing and drinking a variety of green and white teas has become a passion an relaxing hobby ever since starting with it in 2021.



  1. Master Science - IT Security

    Mar 2024 — now

    Munich University of Applied Science

  2. Bachelor Science - Computer Science

    Oct 2020 - Mar 2024

    Munich University of Applied Science

  3. Apprenticeship - Mathematical‑Technical Softwaredeveloper

    Sep 2019 — Nov 2022

    IHK für München und Oberbayern

  4. Higher Education Entrace Qualification

    Jun 2013 — Jun 2019

    Gymnasium im Kannenbäckerland


  1. Dual Study Program - Master

    Mar 2024 — now

    genua GmbH - Development and debugging of BSD kernels, system daemons, firewalls and other security related applications used in KRITIS

  2. Dual Apprenticeship - Bachelor & Mathematical-Technical Softwaredeveloper

    Sep 2019 - Mar 2024

    genua GmbH - Development and debugging of BSD kernels, system daemons, firewalls and other security related applications used in KRITIS, aswell as aiding of a research project funded by the BMBF.

  3. Internship

    Apr 2018

    genua GmbH


  • Languages

    German (Native), English (Fluent), Japanese (UNIcert® Basis), French (School)

  • Programming

    Rust, Python, C, Java, Haskell, x86/x64/RISC-V ASM

  • UNIX

    Linux/BSD-based systems with all of the basic tools (shell, git, ssh, vim, fzf, ...).

  • Typesetting

    I typeset all of my documents using Typst or LaTeX.


  • Anne Pro 2

    My first pre-built Keyboard with customized DROP PBT Blank Gradient Keycaps. The beginning of my journey.

  • DZ60

    A classical DZ60 board with tactile AKKO Lavendar Purple switches, lubed with Trybosys 2303 and topped with GMK Noel.

    DZ Noel
  • Blade60

    A heavy Blade60 case with Trybosys 2303 lubed tactile AKKO Lavendar switches and beautiful AKKO Neon Caps. My eternal love <3

  • KBDLite67 R2 Tiffany

    My gaming board with fast lubed linear AKKO Matcha switches and ePBT Green & White caps.

  • GMMK Pro

    My first try on a larger board with linear AKKO Matcha switches and ZDA Matcha Keyboards, to cope with my matcha addiction.